Virtual Reality Pet

Virtual Reality Pet is an iOS and Google Cardboard virtual reality experience built to relieve stress. Enjoy playing fetch with your pet, fishing, campfire and more. You can even talk to your pet and it will respond to you!

12,000+ downloads on the App Store. Made with Unity. Siri and Google Assistant for Voice Recognition


An app for finding free and free food events near your college. You can easily save the events and add them to your calendar!

Made with swift (client) and Ruby on Rails (server). Used natural language processing to find free/free food events!

Network Visualizer

A web application that visualizes network graphs that can be identified in social media and various other social phenomena. You can also see the degree distribution and clustering coefficients of the graphs!

Made with Flask and networkx. Hosted on EC2 using Docker and nginx


An internal Make School social media used by 50 Make School students, 10 staffs and 20 mentors.

Made with Ruby on Rails


A LINE bot that gathers recommendations for places you want to visit. You can also recommend places to others by registering a region your knowledgable.

Made with Ruby on Rails (yes, you can make bots with rails)

Tabi World

A mobile app where users can purchase high quality travel guides.

Design only. Made with Sketch, InVision

Zombie Shooter!

In your nightmare, you are being attacked by zombies! Shoot the Zombunnies, Zombears and Helephants and earn your scores!

Made with Unity


Shoot your opponents with bullets and defeat them before you get defeated! This is an exciting two player shooting game.